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I recently went to Florence in Italy where I stayed for 6 days, 2 of which were spent on the planeand one was spent in Rome. I took a lot of pictures so I decided to share some with you to show what I did and what I ate, pretty much.


Santa Maria del Fiore - "The Duomo"

 My little outfit of the day. The dress is from Forever 21.

For lunch we ate at a small place called "Buongustai". I shared with my cousin so we had ravioli and tagliatelle for 6€ each! So delicious, I'm still craving it...

The beautiful sunset in the "piazzale michelangelo." #nofilterneeded

 We ended the day with pizza from "Gusta Pizza", does not look good but it tastes delicious, best pizza I ever had! 

 JUNE 24

 Morning spent at the "Galleria degli Uffizi". I got a postcard of this last painting. Iconic.

Lunch (and dinner) was at this famous place called "All'Antico Vinaio." Huge freaking sandwiches for only 5€. I had the vegetarian one which they put in everything except for the meat.

Randomly parade that we happened to see. Really cool outfits.

At night there were some fireworks, which was related to the parade and some kind of game that is part of a tradition in Florence.


When we arrived from Rome we had a delicious gelato past midnight.

We went to "Trattoria Zà Zà" for lunch and I tried the "gnocchi" which is pretty much potatoes and my cousin ordered a margarita which I also tried and it was both delicious.

Last meal in Italy was, of course, pizza from a place called Fo'Caccia la Notte.

I really fell in love with Florence. From the food to the beautiful culture, everything amazed me.

Check my trip to Rome clicking here. (soon)

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  1. Que saudades de Florença! Quando lá fui só tive umas horas, pois era uma paragem do cruzeiro que fiz, e antes de lá pararmos fomos a Pisa.
    Quero muito lá voltar, pois não vi grande coisa e a galeria dos Uffizi grita por mim! E agora já tenho umas dicas de sítios bons e baratos para comer.
    Já agora, o postal que compraste é redondo como a obra? (eu sei que é uma pergunta estranha, mas faço colecção de postais e como a obra é redonda, pode acontecer xD).

    Vou aguardar o teu post sobre Roma!

    Lena's Petals xx

  2. As fotos estão super giras ! Deu-me uma enorme vontade de ir visitar Florença !
    Beijinhos :)

  3. I went to Florence about two years ago and I totally loved it - it's such a beautiful place and it's so picturesque! The food was also incredible, I had so much ice cream! haha x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS


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