Sunday, 28 September 2014

Autumn Whishlist #1

1. Leather Jacket from Bershka // 2. Oversized Denim Jacket from Bershka // 3. Jacket with Leather sleeves from Bershka // 4. Scarf from Stradivarius // 5.  Oversized Cardigan from Pull & Bear // 6. Shirt with bow from Stradivarius // 7. Shirt with squares from Stradivarius // 8. Backpack from Pull & Bear // 9. Oxford (kinda) shoes from Stradivarius // 10. I saw the coolest shoes on Seaside but I can't find them online. Do want those.


This is a little something that I saw in my favourite shops the last few weeks, and I'll probably buy some pieces next one or so. I basically need warm coats and scarfs and other cute pieces that I saw. I might do a Haul soon!
I haven't been very active on this blog and I'm sorry :(( but I plan on doing more stuff in here!