Monday, 28 July 2014

New In: Sales + Ebay

Hello everyone. Today I'm sharing with you the latest things I bought from the current sales here in Portugal and some bargains from Ebay. Continue reading as I'll talk a bit more about my new stuff as I go along!

 T-Shirt & Pattern Trousers - Zara ; Black Trousers - Bershka

The T-Shirt caught my attention because of the banana design and the quote, just perfect, and it's very soft. /  The pattern pants are just normal pants, also very soft with a cool design. / The black trousers are high waisted and AMAZING. I swear to god that they're the best pair of trousers I own because they fit me so nicely, I will buy more pairs with different colors as it's so hard to me to find trousers that I really like. Which is why I wear leggigns all the time.

Hat - Stradivarius ; Creepers alike & Sunnies - Ebay 

A hat that I always wanted that I stumble upon on Stradivarius and I instantly got it, so cute. / The shoes imitating the creepers was just because I always wanted them without wasting a lot of money, so I just decided to buy a cheap pair from Ebay, and they're quite cool. / The sunglasses are my everything, for some reason I wanted some that could flip up. They are so vintage and cool and were like 3€. That's all, I hope you enjoyed it :p

9 comentários:

  1. I love everything and the banana shirt is just perfect! xx

  2. I love those patterned trousers and that hat! Some great choices!!
    Em x

  3. Só coisas giras! Adorei o chapéu e a camisola...usava-os já :)

  4. I love your new products! The t-shirt and hat are both adorable!

  5. The banana top is adorable! Am very jealous! Your welcome to visit my new blog by the way:

  6. Adoro completamente essas calças com padrão e os creepers! Que lindos *-*


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