Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Review

This isn't exactly a new product but it's new for me. I found out about tea tree oil about 2/3 months ago via a youtube video (can't remember who's from, i'm sorry). But what the person said was that it does wonders if you are someone that has frequently breakouts. I was in that group of people, so that got my attention. 

I totally forgot about it until one/two week(s) ago when my face exploded! So I went to The Body Shop website and searched for tea tree oil, then went to the shop and bought this miracle in a bottle. I'm not even joking.

The product was 7€ (same in pounds and around $9). 

How to use it:

"Can be used direct on skin or for facial steaming. For facial steaming, add three or four drops to a bowl of hot water. Lean over the bowl, cover your head with a towel and steam for a few minutes."
I only used directly on my skin. When you notice that you have a pimple just grab a cotton bud or your finger, and apply through that on the spot in question (don't apply directly from the bottle). The next day you'll notice that the pimple is barely seen, just keep applying for a week or until you get the results. One to two drops is normally enough. This has a quite strong smell, so by that you can see that it'll work.

How it works:

What I noticed is that the oil dries out the pimples.
It helps even the face tone, if you have redness.

My case:

The first time I used it on a big spot that appeared in the morning, but I applied it at afternoon. The next day the pimple wasn't completely gone but I could see the results. Specially on the redness. I just kept applying until it faded away. 
I had other pimples (smaller) all over my face, so I applied over that as well and the next day it was practically vanished.


I will keep buying this product because it worked for me, I read some reviews and apparently doesn't work on everyone, but I think is worth to try because there are bigger chances it will.
I also read that tea tree oil helps prevent future break outs and even removes marks of previous ones. If you would like that, the body shop sells other products with tea tree oil. I'm thinking about buying something to help with my marks, a cream so I can apply it all over my face. If I do buy it, expect a review of it.

Thanks for reading, 
mabs (:

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  1. Oh my god I have the same Tree tea Oil! And I totally agree with you.
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