Saturday, 8 February 2014

New Favourite Shoes #Stradivarius

I have new boots in my closet and are the Basic flat Chelsea ankle boots from Stradivarius. In the pictures they look brown, but they are black and what I love about them is the elastic band on the sides that I was looking for in a long time. This style is very common in multiple brands, but mostly all I found were in the heels version. I wanted them for a everyday use, as I walk a lot.
They weren't very expensive for their quality, €39.99 (the same price in pounds) and they are very comfortable. 

Find them here.

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4 comentários:

  1. These boots are lovely! I think you should do a Blog post of what you would wear them with!
    from xxx
    Mandy xxx

    1. thank you for the suggestion, it's an awesome idea! :p

  2. These are the type of boot's I have been looking for! Love them!


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