Monday, 10 February 2014

My Fashion Essentials for Winter

Winter is almost over but I gathered some things that I think, for me, are essentials for this season. Carry on reading and see if you agree.
  • A Nice Coat
Of course that a nice, warm coat is always necessary if you live in cold weather. To give a little more money on that piece of clothing is always well spent.
I've been loving Stradivarius lately, they have the nicest things. Recently I'm loving this parka, with fake leather sleeves. I've tried it on and it fits perfectly. Still indecisive if I should buy it or not, though..

  • Leggings
I wear them all year so they can't be missing on this list! They make you always feel well, flexible and warm, which at winter it's perfect. If you're like me, you'll be lazy all the time because it's cold and you just want to go to bed... Might as well feel good with what you are wearing if you're just going to school or going on a walk.

  • Cozy jumpers/sweaters
The best part of winter is that you get to wear those jumpers/sweaters that are great to have, and sometimes the uglier the better. It just feels nice to throw them on and done, go enjoy your day.

  • Comfortable boots
And waterproof! If it's raining and there's going to be mud you need to be prepared.
My favourite pair this winter are some flatforms and combat boots from Seaside. They're warm, easy to walk and waterproof. Oh! and really bad ass.

  • Umbrella
Last but not least, an umbrella. Yes, it can be a fashion essential as when it's raining it'll be practically all that you're showing so might as well be cute and fun.

Hope you enjoyed this post and what are YOUR fashion essentials? Let me know in the comments :D

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  1. I have my eye on that coat, it is so amazing!! Beautiful blog Marcia, I'm excited to follow!


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